Thursday, 15 Nov 2018
Month: March 2015

Greatest Ways To Get Traffic to Your Website

Targeted traffic is traffic that is interested in the content of your website. On the other hand, random traffic is traffic that stumbles onto your website by accident and has no interest in your website content. Search engine placement pertains to how high you appear in the search engine results for a particular keyword. As […]

How is it Quality Score Plays important role in Google Adwords Expedition

SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice that is used to promote a web page or entire website on different search engines. In other words, SEO is done to increase the visibility of website or pages. SEO increases business also but it is not much marketing oriented. Therefore, different strategies are needed for online marketing […]

Best Digital Strategies for the Incoming Year

This is an age where customers don’t even buy ice-cream without searching on the internet to find the nearest location, reading online reviews about the place and checking customer ratings for the top flavors. A well-informed outlook becomes an empowered customer. Communication is the only key to a strong and better relationship with new and […]

Why PPC Consulting Is Essential for Medical and Professional Websites

professional practice is an important part of being successful in your profession. A professionally designed website can help you with that task by presenting information about your services and availability to your likely clients. But just putting up a website isn’t enough. Even a professionally designed website can fail to deliver on the promise of […]

Google Improving AdWords Quality Score Reporting

Very broad keywords can lower your Quality Score and cost you money without giving you a good return. This is why it’s important to filter out all those keyword phrases that are responsible for generating high number of impressions, but have a low click through rate. This can happen with other types of keywords too, […]