Thursday, 15 Nov 2018
Month: June 2018

7 Tips for Growing Your Following on Instagram With Hashtags

With about 500 million daily active users on its platform, Instagram has become one of the indispensable marketing tools for small business owners. However, organic reach is increasingly difficult to achieve with the platform’s algorithmic-based feed. So, how do you compete against louder, bigger brands and deliver content to your target audience? The answer:  use […]

Instagram Explains How Its Algorithm Works, Busts Common Myths

It might have taken them almost two years, but Instagram has finally explained the inner-workings of its algorithm-based feed. It was in July 2016 when the photo-sharing platform shifted to a machine-learning approach from reverse chronological order. A lot of users raised a ruckus over the announced change, but Instagram stood fast and opted instead […]

SEO Content Writing – Love It or Others Won’t

Writing optimized content for SEO requires more than just getting to the required word limit – if the author doesn’t care about the output it is unlikely a reader will. A recent article cited at Sphinn discusses the merits of having a positive mindset when sitting down to write optimized content. The article cited is […]

Apple Announces ‘Business Chat’ with Upcoming iOS Update

It seems that more and more tech companies are starting to monetize their messaging apps to meet the communication needs of businesses. The latest company to go this route is Apple, which recently announced that it will be launching Business Chat, a feature that was actually unveiled during last year’s Worldwide Developer Conference. Apple will […]

2018 paid search benchmark report from Adthena — How do you compare?

A challenge in the search industry is that typically advertisers only have access to a single data set (their own). Competitive insights allow advertisers to benchmark individual performance against industry or category averages. For senior decision-makers in digital, this intelligence can be used to refine, iterate and optimize search campaigns. This benchmark report from Adthena […]

Facebook Increases Job Search Capabilities to 40 New Countries

Facebook users from different parts of the globe will soon be able to look and apply for a local job using the social media platform. The social media giant recently announced that its job search and application feature is being rolled out in more than 40 different countries, including Brazil, Spain, and the UK. The […]

Google Adult Filter Reclassification Can Take Many Months

Google said it can take many months for Google to reclassify a web site that was classified as being adult, to not being adult anymore. Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter “these things take quite a bit of time to be reviewed and re-evaluated by our algorithms, usually it’s on the order of months.” He […]

Bing To Encrypt Search This Summer & Screws SEOs/Marketers

Bing announced yesterday that this summer Bing will begin defaulting all search over HTTPS/TLS, which means they will be stripping out the keyword referrer data to web sites. Bing is doing this to secure their search results and protect their searchers, just like Google did back in 2011. But with this, marketers will lose their […]

Facebook Improves Admin Tools for Groups, Introduces Enterprise Collaboration

Facebook has launched several updates for its Groups to help admins manage them efficiently and keep communities safe. The rollout of new tools, controls, and additional features are in line with the company’s focus on creating engagement in various communities on the site. With more than a billion members across millions of active groups, Facebook […]

LinkedIn is Just a Starting Point When Selling to CXOs

Sharon Gillenwater, Founder of Boardroom Insiders and their CXO Engagement Strategy Expert posted an article today on the Saleforce blog making the point that LinkedIn should just be a starting point for sales people selling to CXOs. You can make the case that her article is self promotional since what she says to do, learn […]