Thursday, 15 Nov 2018
Month: August 2018

The Internet of Things: Enlightening Objects and “Dumb” Machines

“Dumb” objects like microwaves and washing machines communicate with their owners by buzzing, beeping, or making some otherwise hideous noise that you have to be within earshot to hear. But when those machines are connected to the Internet and given the ability to send and receive data, they communicate not with the user by making […]

Bing Ads Automated Extensions Are AI Powered

Bing announced they have launched automated extensions that are powered based off of AI, artificial intelligence. The AI will help Bing “analyze huge amounts of data and find more effective ways to supplement your text ads with extensions for improved visibility and increased performance, with no action required from you,” to create your automated extensions. […]

Facebook tests new way to connect more users on the platform

Facebook’s ‘Things in common’ label will show users what they have in common with people they’re not connected to. Facebook is testing a new way to get more users to become Facebook friends. To do so, the company is adding a “Things in Common” label above comments on business, brand and media Page posts from […]

Google Real Time Search Coming Back With Twitter Deal; Spammers Rejoice

Last night, Bloomberg reported that Twitter and Google struck a new deal to give Google access to their firehose of Tweets again. Back in July 2011, Google’s real time search feature went offline and after some time, Google confirmed their deal with Twitter to gain access to their data in real-time was not renewed. Bloomberg […]

Twitter Lets Users Apply For Verified Accounts; Mine Took Hours

Twitter announced the other day that they are now allowing anyone to apply to have their accounts verified. Before, there was no way to get request to be verified on Twitter – you just had to wait or know someone. Now, you can apply. Twitter said: Verified accounts on Twitter allow people to identify key […]

Two Top SEM Firms Featured As Offering Poor SEM Results By WSJ

It is not every day you see SEM companies featured in Wall Street Journal articles but a few weeks ago, they ran a story named Small Businesses Search in Vain for Web-Ad Help. It isn’t good. It calls out two very large SEM companies named ReachLocal and Yodle as not delivering on their promises to […]

Poll: SEO Clients Not Paying? What Do You Do?

A BlackHat Forum thread has a topic that comes up every now and then – what do you do if your client is not paying you for SEO work you’ve done? What if you write all this content, do the SEO audit, place the links, do the keyword research, give them the ranking reports or […]

5 Ways to Stop Ad Fatigue From Killing Your Facebook Campaign

The Internet and social media have made it easy for brands to get their message out to millions of people. In fact, the average American is reportedly exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements every single day. But this accessibility has also led to “Banner Blindness,” a psychological effect wherein people become blind or indifferent to the […]

What Are Businesses Trying to Accomplish with AI-Powered Customer Support?

Everyone hates automated customer support… right? Actually, every customer hates automated customer support. Companies love it because it saves them money that they assume is pure overhead. However, what if automated support could be beneficial to both customers and companies? That’s the promise of AI-powered automated customer support. “A big part of what we need to be […]