Thursday, 15 Nov 2018
Month: June 2016

On Demand Google Test Internet Speed

Following in Bing’s footsteps, Google has been spotted testing out its own native internet speed testing tool directly in the search results pages. It appears that the test has not rolled out for everyone, but some searchers have reported seeing it after typing “check internet speed” into the Google search bar. The test measures download […]

A New Look Of Facebook In Like Button

The Facebook Like has a new look. The Like button, which is embedded on millions of web pages, is getting the “f” out and replacing it with the familiar thumbs up icon. The Like count will appear within the new blue button. Here’s a comparison of the current Like design and how it will change: […]

Now On Twitter Share Videos Upto 140 Seconds

Just as you have 140 characters per tweet, you can now share videos up to 140 seconds in length on Twitter, the company has announced. Twitter introduced the ability to add video in 2015. Until now, you could only upload 30-second videos (except for a few select advertisers, who could post videos up to 10 […]

Three New Ways to Reach Pinterest’s Audience

Up until now, Pinterest ad targeting has been super basic. You’ve been limited to options like location, language, device, and gender. But Pinterest advertising is about to get some much-needed features that have been available on Google, Facebook, and Twitter for quite some time. By the end of this month, advertisers will have three new […]

First Day of Summer- The Summer Solstice Coincided With a Strawberry Moon

Waiting until nearly nightfall, Google has posted its Summer Solstice doodle on its U.S. homepage to observe the first day of summer and longest day of the year. This year, Google’s Summer Solstice doodle had something extra to mark beyond the changing of seasons. For the first time since 1967, the Summer Solstice coincides with […]

LI Latest APP Brings Youngs In Social Network For Jobs

LinkedIn has released an app that has the potential to bring in more young people to its social network. The new app, appropriately titled LinkedIn Students, is made specifically for helping college students in their efforts to find jobs after graduation. The app assists students with everything from creating a profile, finding their career path, […]

Bing Ads Enable to Share a Budget Across Multiple Campaigns

Bing Ads announced Tuesday that it is developing the ability to share a budget across multiple campaigns. As in AdWords, advertisers will be able to apply a single budget to some or all campaigns in an account. Shared Budgets can be helpful for optimizing spend by automatically redistributing unused daily budget from low-spending campaigns to […]

Increase Your Instagram Following With Some Tips

When Instagram first launched in 2010, many businesses didn’t feel that their business was suited for this story-telling visual app. However, the app has grown immensely with over 400 million monthly users active and 80 million average photos shared per day. Today, there are a number of companies on Instagram achieving great results. Those boring, […]

Google Updating Page Speed Ranking for Mobile Sites

Gary Illyes from Google said at the Search Marketing Summit today in Sydney that Google will be updating the page speed ranking factor to specifically look at the page speed of your mobile pages when it comes to the mobile-friendly algorithm. This report came from Jennifer Slegg, who said Gary Illyes from Google said this […]