Thursday, 15 Nov 2018
Category: Technology

The Kaleidoscopic Marketing Technology Landscape

Marketing is thriving. Budgets are growing. Responsibilities are growing. Influence in the C-suite is growing. And the marketing technology landscape — an amazing array of software products that are built to empower the modern marketer — is growing, too. You can click on the above graphic to zoom in on a higher resolution version of […]

Oracle’s Autonomous Database Cloud is a Huge Technological Advantage

The release by Oracle of its AI-powered Autonomous Database Cloud earlier this year and just adding Transactional Processing to its abilities last week is huge for Oracle and its customers who need this cutting edge technology. Oracle considers the Autonomous Cloud a generational release because it literally is the first database in the world that […]

Cybersecurity is Rapidly Changing

“We cannot control our adversary,” says Rick McElroy, Security Strategist for CarbonBlack, a leading next-generation cybersecurity firm. “Although we can choose to control them once in our environment. We have little to no control over when the “big attack” happens. For too long I think we have focused so hard on finding the adversary that our […]

Dropbox is Now Offering 1TB of Free Cloud Storage for Some Accounts

It’s a good time to be a Dropbox user. The company recently revealed that it will be giving certain accounts an additional 1TB of storage for free. The move will bump up storage space for Professional account holders from 1TB to 2TB, while Business Standard clients will have 3TB up from 2TB. Current Dropbox subscribers […]

Will the New iPhone Come With Facial Recognition Technology?

There are several ways to unlock and secure your mobile phone. When it comes to the iPhone, the fingerprint scanner is one of the most popular options available. However, this method has its limitations, which is why Apple has been considering facial recognition for more than a year now. This feature would not only be […]